Jordan Chang

Welcome to my portfolio with examples of my writing and design work. I am a student at UCSB.

Brand Style Guide

My brand reflects hope, happiness, and radiance. This guide ensures that these feelings are incorporated into all or my personal projects.

Graduation Newsletter

I graduated from UCSB in June of 2022. This newsletter is meant to thank friends and family for supporting throughout my college experience.

Notion Budgeting Tutorial

This multimedia project demonstartes how to use Notion as a budgeting tool. It includes how to choose a template, customize your page, and best use it to track expenses and income.


This resume desctibes my professional experience as of June 2022.



I have always loved writing, and even pursued a Professional Writing minor at UCSB. Much of my experience involves writing for journalism, social media, and marketing.


I believe that design is crucial for every project, whether it be visual or conceptual.

Strategic Planning

My first post-grad role is as a consulting analyst. I plan on using the strategic mindset that I have developed in the past four years to be successful in the position.

Social Media Marketing

I have managed social media accounts and created contents for a variety of publications and companies. My specialties are content creation and Twitter.

Project Management

I have developed strong organizational skills key to project management through roles such as president of UCSB American Marketing Association.

Effective Communication

Communication is essential in every environment. I am continuously honing this skill as I gain more experience in my career.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback. I also would love to meet for coffee chat if you are interested!